Little Ditties – Poetry

One of my hobbies is writing what I call “Little Ditties”: short, rhyming poems geared towards school-age kids. Since my collection is growing and rarely shared, Rob suggested I post them. So, every now and again, I will try my best to amuse you with a little ditty.

September 13,2012
Curses at the Beach
“Let’s go to the beach today,”
I heard my father say,
“The kids will have fun
And I could use some sun.”

Oh no, I thought,
This is the worst,
For I am sure the beach is cursed.

The sun blasts down
to burn my skin
The waves just pound
In a noisy din.
The water is cold
And can sweep you away.
Don’t forget the sharks who want to bite, not play.
The sand gets itself in my lunch
So for the rest of the day I hear a crunch.
The umbrella usually blows away
And my feet burn on the sand, oh vie!
My hair gets knotted,
My skin gets salted,
And there’s always someone splashing around.

We leave after sunset,
Always hungry and wet,
Ready to rub lotion on our toasted skin.

So as you can tell,
I do not get along with the beach well.
Hopefully my dad will see
That he should just go without me.


August 12, 2012
I’m Late!
I’m late!
My alarm didn’t go off.
My breakfast cooked too long.
I checked all my emails,
but should have only checked one.

My car wouldn’t start.
My bicycle has a flat.
Now I have to take the bus,
Is there anything worse than that?

I keep checking my watch
As the seconds whiz by.
I cannot relax,
For my stress level’s too high.
There must be a way
To get there on time.
Perhaps a flying machine build for one?

Now we’re stuck in traffic.
There’s no way around it.
I guess I’ll just get out,
And run like a bandit.

I splash through a puddle,
Leap over trash bins.
Though I’m not in shape,
I feel as fast as superman.

No one can stop me,
I’m well on my way.
I get to my building
Faster than I can say.

I push through the door
To see a cleaning crew polishing the floor.
I slip through the lobby
And land by the elevator,
But it’s out of service,
So I’m stuck with the escalator.

I zip up the steps,
And enter the office.
I sit at my desk,
And let out a breath.

Finally I’m here,
I’ve made it at last.
I have to admit,
I’m rather impressed.
Think anyone will notice
I forgot to get dressed?


August 4, 2012
It’s time for lights out!
Let’s lay down to sleep.
Dreamland is waiting.
Hurry up and count your sheep.


July 24, 2012
The Endless Climb
This road I’m walking on has no end,
It’s been going uphill an hour or more.
I look up and see no bend
Just an extremely steep-graded floor.

I’ve been plodding along one step at a time
With a pack strapped on my shoulders.
Even though I’m trekking one long line
I’m thankful there are no boulders.

I am dripping with sweat that blurs my vision.
My stomach is growling loudly.
For some company I am wishin’
So I can complain of pain more loudly.

How long can I climb this terrible hill?
I can’t go on forever.
Sometimes I forget I’m on a treadmill
And can lower the incline whenever.


July 19, 2012
Spoon and Coffee Can
Under the stairs there lived an old man
Who ate all his meals from a coffee can.
He left his house everyday at noon
Wearing a suit and carrying a spoon.
He would walk to his car parked on the street
And carefully sit in the middle back seat.
At 5 o’clock on the dot
He would get up from his worn in spot,
Walk back to his house and shut the door
Where for the rest of the day he is heard from no more.


July 15, 2012
Teacher’s Dream
Kids may study all day long
Then do homework till early dawn.
They focus in their classes,
And review words by the masses.
They write until their fingers bleed,
Calculate problems when there’s no need.
They perform experiments on weekends
And read everything between bookends.
Oh, whoops, I just woke up
Only teachers would dream this stuff.


4 Responses to Little Ditties – Poetry

  1. Marie says:

    I like it! I have always admired anyone who could rhyme. Rob’s Aunt Marilyn could rhyme anything.

  2. Marie says:

    Who is the inspiration for Spoon and Coffee Can? It is sad.

    • Brooke says:

      There was an elderly gentleman who lived in the apartment below me in Phoenix. He would wake up at 4:30am every day to watch TV in his underwear. Around lunch, he would leave dressed in a full suit. I have no idea where he went.

  3. Marie says:

    Interesting, maybe he sis just sit in a car somewhere! Thanks for sharing.

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