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Three weeks ago we stumbled on a half marathon that is going to take place on September 9th.  We became so excited, but did not feel in marathon shape. So we decided to run a week of two-a-day training runs to get caught up.  We went running in the morning outside than went to the gym after school to get some more cardio.  I ended up wearing myself so far down that I caught a bug.  I was running a high fever, had a bad cough, and neck and back pain.

Hospital sign

Finally after a few sleepless nights, Brooke forced me to go to the Hospital (for her benefit).  So after work we grabbed a cab and went.  They made me go into the “urgency room” part of the hospital.  After filling out paper work, they called me to the back after a few minutes to a room that looked fairly sterile.  They told me to lay on the bed, then laughed at me when I didn’t fit.

laying on the hospital bed

I was very surprised at how fast things happened. The nurse checked me in with the usual temp, blood pressure, pulse, and weight.  Then the doctor came in shortly after that to talk with me about my symptoms.  She then left and the nurse came back in after a few more minutes to draw some blood to test for Dengue Fever.  This is what took forever.

sitting in the waiting room waiting for my results.

2.5 hours to wait for the test result, which was negative, but she did tell me that I eat unhealthy because my sodium count was too low.  Although I think that might be caused by the fact that I never stop sweating.  So four hours later I left with no solution, besides “come back in three days if you don’t feel better.” It had already been a week.

Back in the waiting room

Needless to say, three days later I was back at the urgency room.  We were again pleased by the speed of things and the efficiency.  The only thing was, they asked me if I had been taking my medications they gave me, but they hadn’t given me any.

Not feeling well

The doctor heard me cough, saw my temp again, and decided to give me a chest x-ray and another blood test for Dengue Fever.  So again we waited.  When the doctor came back she showed me the x-ray and started to explain that I did not have pneumonia this or that, then she goes, “oh oh no. This in not your x-ray. Hold on.”  My real x-ray showed I had Bronchitis and my blood test came back negative again.  So she gave me five prescriptions to get: antibiotic, codine, alka-selser, inflammatory, and something to break the gunk up.

These are the medications

After both doctors visits, two blood tests, an x-ray, and the five prescriptions, it ended up costing me $150 total.  I am feeling much better, Which is in part due to the drugs, but also how supportive and helpful Brooke has been.  She has taken care of me for two and a half weeks, and nursed me back to health.  Being here and that sick would have been really hard if I didn’t have her.  I guess I will not be running the half marathon, maybe I’ll try the 10k instead.

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  1. Aaron Dummer says:


  2. Patty says:

    Glad you are feeling better, Brooke,. you are a rock star…
    xoxo Patty

    • Brooke says:

      Thanks, Patty. Rob didn’t complain much and he slept most of the time when not at work, so it was pretty easy.

  3. Meghann says:

    Glad you’re feeling better Rob! And way to get him back at it Brooke. I will appreciate the medical care we get here. Take care!

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