Sale! Sale! Sale!

These past two weekends have flown by.  I don’t think there has been one hour that we have not been on craiglist looking through the wanted ads or posting items we have for sale. After four years of living in the Valley of the sun you don’t realize just how much you collect.  We feel like we live in the show hoarders.  (see photo below)

Okay so we don’t have this much stuff, but after digging through all of our closets, cabinets, and containers it sure feels like it.

We met a guy at the Apple store who told us to read “The Luxury of Less”  the book talks about the rule of 100.  Meaning a person should only keep ONE HUNDRED! items that includes clothing.  Now this whole concept seems crazy, but having to pack only four or five suitcases for the next two years it makes sense hopefully we can stay close to the 100 item mark.

Now everything is not going we are shipping some home, but for the most part everything must go, and we hope it goes fast.


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