Good Morning Vietnam!!

Sardines in a can. We now know what it’s like.

The size we felt the plane was.

Our 15 hour flight from JFK to Shanghai was rough. The plane was enormous with 8 seats across for 75 aisles (and that was just economy). The seats were smaller than a domestic flight, there were no personal T.V.’s, and neither of our knees came away without bruises. The ladies in the two rows behind us were having a loud, Chinese-speaking reunion until about 3 hours in when 3 of them got into an angry argument we assume was over the placement of a bag in an overhead bin.

We were good until about hour 10 and then had to dig deep to not lose it for the rest of the flight. Our 4 hour flight from Shanghai to Ho Chi Minh was much more pleasant with refreshingly roomy seats.

Stretching out in Shanghai.

Luckily, we were met at the airport for our 1 am pickup time by our principal and two other SNA staff members. We were put into taxi’s and taken to our apartment where we were pleasantly surprised by our spacious new home.

We are in the building to the right of the construction.

After crashing for a few hours we woke up to energetically unpack our 7 bags. During breakfast at a cafe across the street everything was lost in translation except for “jambon”. The french word for ham. (Thank you Mom and Dad for all those hours of French tutoring. They finally paid off.)

Breakfast Spot

River right behind our breakfast spot. Across the street from our building.

After breakfast walk with Erin, another SNA teacher who flew over with us.

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10 Responses to Good Morning Vietnam!!

  1. Marie says:

    Wow! Great pictures. What a beautiful spot to live. Can’t wait to see and hear more. Enjoy the evening! I skipped sending you the “Happy Friday” on Thursday night, will catch you next week!

  2. Jane Malone says:

    Thanks for sending photos and updating us!

  3. Christine says:

    Wow! Looks a bit like Paris! Your apartment building is new!
    Interior shots needed too..view?
    Thrilled to see some green space too!
    we need more Tall Tales… Smells? Sounds? croissants?
    Hugs and kisses to you both?…So far, so good! Xxm

  4. Molly says:

    How about some pics of inside your apartment??? :) happy to hear you both made it there safe, maybe a half inch shorter, but safe!!

  5. Miriam Combs says:

    Thanks for the update and am looking forward to all your adventures there:)

  6. linda says:

    And the adventure begins!!!

  7. Rob says:

    We will be having photos of our place coming soon!!

  8. Aaron Dummer says:

    looks nice.apparently i have that to look forward to on the flight.

  9. Jacob monicken-selb says:

    Dear Uncel Bob,
    Sairdens uck! hope things get much better
    lofve, jacob

  10. Adrian Gonzales says:

    Say hello to “Charlie” for me… wait, on second thought, if you see him, shoot him… We miss you guy’s.

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