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Grocery Shopping

When we moved to Vietnam one of our many concerns was grocery shopping.  Again, like our apartment we had many ideas of what shopping was going to look like. The best: you shop in a small corner market. The worst: … Continue reading

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Walking Road in Forest

Being English Language Learners, our students don’t always know the right word for something. When they get stuck they angrily exclaim, “I know the word in Vietnamese!” I counter this statement with, “If you don’t know the exact word, think … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

English is hard. As teachers of English language learners, we are faced with that fact daily. Though we will argue that Vietnamese is harder to learn (7 tones!), we understand the plight of our students. While traveling through Japan, we … Continue reading

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Tokyo Fish Market and Tuna Auction

Our flight back to HCMC left from Tokyo on Friday afternoon. We spent the last full day of our Japan trip exploring Tokyo and getting lost on the subway system. The main mission of the day was to find Rob … Continue reading

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Mount Fuji, Japan: Sacred Mountain

We made it out of Kyoto with our legs still able to hold us up and hopped on a Shinkensen to Mount Fuji.  This train does not go directly to Mount Fuji, so we had to make a transfer to … Continue reading

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Kyoto, Japan: Land of the Geisha

We left Osaka earlier than we had planned, and far more exhausted than we had planned.  The last three days were starting to catch up as our legs were starting to get tired.  On the half hour Shinkensen ride, we … Continue reading

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Osaka: Lots To Do, Not Enough Time

After our history-filled afternoon and morning in Hiroshima, we bullet-trained off to Osaka for two nights. We arrived about midday and decided to just stroll around the city and see what we could see.  Our goal was to make it … Continue reading

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Hiroshima, Japan: A-Bomb Dome

From Tokyo we headed to the farthest city on our trip, Hiroshima.  This was a stop that I really wanted to see, being it was the sight of a big part of World War 2.  I know there are better … Continue reading

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Tokyo: Bright Lights, Big City

Tokyo was lucky enough to have us visit twice. Once for a night when we flew in from Busan, and once for two nights when we flew out on our way back to HCMC. First impressions of Tokyo: -This city … Continue reading

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Because We’re Tall…We Make Little Kids Cry

Waiting for the elevator in the parking garage, a mom and her two young children (ages 3 and 1 I’m guessing) gathered near us. The 3 year old boy was smiling ear to ear as he stared up at us. … Continue reading

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