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The Good Things About Vietnam!

So we have lived here now for five months.  (Time flies!) This has given us plenty of time to become accustomed to Vietnam culture and how life moves here.  We miss plenty from the states, but we wanted to create … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We have a lot to be thankful for this turkey day, but we are very thankful to have each other as well as our family and friends support in all of our crazy adventures. We are also thankful that this … Continue reading

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Because We’re Tall…We Get Free Donuts

The comedian Mitch Hedberg has a joke with the punch line: “Apprently ducks eat for free at Subway.” Well, apparently tall people eat for free at Dunkin’ Donuts. We needed a snack while waiting out our layover in Kuala Lumpur … Continue reading

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Gangnam Style

This song and dance has been around since we moved here. It has been getting more and more popular and our kids absolutely love it. We relate it to the macarena. We will never understand.

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Potty Talk

Between working at a school with over 200 Vietnamese staff members and all the traveling we have done, our butts have been in a lot of bathrooms. We have started to notice some…different…behaviors than what we are used to. Following … Continue reading

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Minnesota love in Vietnam

One of my 6th grade students has family living in St. Paul, Minnesota.  He went back to visit with them a few weeks ago.  Being from Minnesota, when he got back, I asked him what he had done while he … Continue reading

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Straight Edge

This was my second haircut in Vietnam.  I found a place that I like on Bui Vien in the backpackers district.  They will cut my hair for 40,000vnd or $2, not a bad deal and they do a really nice … Continue reading

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