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It Stopped Raining!

It used to rain every day. Some days, all day. Big, fat, torrential rain. Rain that would flood the streets. The days were wet, depressing, and you had to wear slickers to get anywhere. Then, it stopped. The faucet was … Continue reading

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Cookin’ Vietnamese Style

Vietnamese food is not really my style. The most famous dish is Pho, which is broth and noodles. It’s pretty tasty if made right, but is extremely awkard and messy to eat. Often, pho has (mystery) meat and vegetables mixed … Continue reading

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Because We’re Tall…People Get Hurt

Standing in the aisle waiting to de-board the plane from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh City, I raised my left arm to fix my stylish plane hair. As I brought my arm down, I accidentally elbowed the woman behind … Continue reading

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Reunification Palace

A few weeks ago we figured we should get out and see some of the sights in downtown Ho Chi Minh City (which is still considered Saigon or District One).  Driving through Saigon we decided to take a tour of … Continue reading

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Splurging and Cross Dressing

We may have an addiction. To beaches. And ocean swimming. And getting sunburns. After all the walking through HCMC during my dad’s visit and exploring Kuala Lumpur, Rob and I were ready to hit the sand. A one-hour flight from … Continue reading

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The “Because We’re Tall…” Tales

We’re tall. We know this. Everyone who knows us knows this. Other people don’t know this. When the two of us walk into a store, or past an unsuspecting stranger, we are often met with odd behaviors. We have decided to … Continue reading

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia “Truly Asia”

With some time off, a two hour flight from Saigon to Kuala Lumpur, and being brainwashed by the  “Malaysia truly Asia” commercials (main one is below that is repeated on our ten english TV channels over and over) to remind … Continue reading

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Dad Visits!

The apartment was ready. The cleaning lady had just left, there were extra sheets on the spare bed, and a newly bought third plate and mug sat in the cupboard. Dad’s flight from Guangzhou, China was about two hours late … Continue reading

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