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Our First Motorbike Accident

As I am sure you have realized by now, driving a motorbike in Saigon is no easy feat. You can read Rob’s take on driving in the city here. Somehow, Rob has mastered this challenge and drives whenever we want to … Continue reading

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Day Trip to the Beach – Vung Tau

With the first week of teaching completed, Rob and I wanted to do something special as a reward for surviving. We decided to spend the day in Vung Tau, a beach town just a short distance away that the locals … Continue reading

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FV Hospital

Three weeks ago we stumbled on a half marathon that is going to take place on September 9th.  We became so excited, but did not feel in marathon shape. So we decided to run a week of two-a-day training runs … Continue reading

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Internet Issues

We want to apologize for the delay in posting. We have not had internet in our apartment for about a week. Apparently the elevator in our building shakes the internet wires loose occasionally. Oh, Vietnam.

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The Perils of Non-Potable Tap Water

The tap water in Ho Chi Minh City is undrinkable. Though it has chlorine and floride, and looks clean, some sort of parasite is lurking in it’s flow. We are able to brush our teeth, clean our dishes, and cook … Continue reading

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The things we miss list #1

So we have only been here a little over one month, and are starting to miss certain items from home.  After two cups of wine (not glasses, that is not Ho Chi Minh Style) we started in on another list … Continue reading

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Morning Exercises

In preparation for the half marathon that Rob and I plan to run in 4 weeks, we have taken to the pavement. We have been pretty diligent about going to the gym, but figured we needed to get re-aquainted with … Continue reading

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It’s a Zoo

One day we decided to take a drive to attempt to figure out some of these roads.  I looked at the map before we left and showed Brooke where we were going to go.  Starting out driving through an area … Continue reading

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