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Escape to the Trail – Black Lady Mountain

It only took two weeks for Rob and I to get the itch to be out on the trail. Hiking has been such a part of our lives that we were quickly feeling concrete jungle growing pains. Luckily, our friend … Continue reading

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Motorbike vs Motorbike

So we had been here for one week when we were already thinking of getting a motorbike. After a few days and nights of watching traffic, and feeling isolated, I pulled up my memories of riding my Honda cb750 custom, … Continue reading

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Games for Students and Adults

We all know that kids love games where they can be physically active. What we forget is that adults love these same types of games. During our staff retreat, as part of our Professional Development week, we spent an entire … Continue reading

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A Childhood Dream Come True

My Täti Tiina tells this story about me as a little girl from when she was my family’s beloved Au Pair. I was trying to avoid folding the clothes in my drawer into neat rows. Tiina was not about to let … Continue reading

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Home sweet home!!

We have been here three weeks, and are finally starting to feel settled in.  Getting into our daily routines, and finding our way around the city has been a great adventure so far.  Having been asked by many people to … Continue reading

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Staying True To Our Blog Name

We knew we were going to be tall over here. I guess I didn’t realize how tall. At least once a day someone comments on either Rob’s, or my, “extreme” height. Typically this is done by a Vietnamese local who … Continue reading

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Dancing with the traffic

The thought of crossing the street was a no brainer in the states, you walk up to the crosswalk and wait for the light to flash WALK.  If the street was busy you knew that the cars would stop.  Their … Continue reading

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How To Get Tourist-ed Into Buying A Coconut

1. Go for a walk downtown next to some pretty buildings.  2. Come up a few steps behind a coconut man. 3. Get spotted. 4. Have him make you hold his carrier in all possible combinations your group can make. … Continue reading

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The Lawlessness of the East

Living out west for the last four years always had kind of a bad-ass feel to it. It was the “Wild West”. We’re talking about cowboys, shoot-outs, gambling, and beer-swilling. People like Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and … Continue reading

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