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Packing And Off To Thailand

Apologies for being MIA the last two weeks. Things have been rather hectic as we packed up, finished work assignments, and took care of errands. Packing this time has been considerably easier than on our way out here since we … Continue reading

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What’s For Dinner…

Walking through the grocery store trying to decide what to eat for the week, Rob stumbled upon this: Frozen snake for dinner anyone?

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Agent Orange Relay

On Friday, our school hosted an Agent Orange Relay event in order for the students to raise money for victims of Agent Orange. After some opening songs and dances by the Socialist Youth Party,  the kids were anxious to get … Continue reading

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Dressing in Style

The Vietnamese women have a unique clothing style. They wear a pajama-type ensemble that includes a matching top and bottom. These pajama clothes come in all imagined colors and patterns. From what we understand, the more traditional, married women and … Continue reading

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Clothes, Sun, and Books

With a three-day weekend, and not having left HCMC since February, Rob and I were chomping at the bit to get out of town. The one hour flight to Hoi An was the perfect option. We had visited Hoi An … Continue reading

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Un Encouraging Signage

Rob and I are back from Siem Reap, Cambodia, an area we thoroughly enjoyed. While we process through the 1,000 plus pictures of temples we took, we thought we would entertain you with a Lost in Translation sign from Osaka, … Continue reading

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Lack of Posting Apologies

We want to apologize for the lack of posts on the blog the past few weeks. Things have been super hectic while we prepare to head back to the states and get in some last minute travel to Hoi An, … Continue reading

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All Hail Nap Time!

We’ve all heard of the Spanish siesta. In Spain, they eat a big meal and then go home to lay down. I never suspected the same thing would happen in Asia. Our lunch break is a full hour and half in … Continue reading

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Most of the things that happen here in Vietnam that we don’t understand, we chalk up to cultural differences. For example, how ridiculously loud everything is. From music in stores to stage performances, you are almost guaranteed to pop an … Continue reading

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Big Changes

In one year, Rob and I will have visited 7 countries, immersed ourselves in a completely different culture, worked in administration-related positions, and saved a bit of money. Though our initial plan was to stay in Vietnam for two years, … Continue reading

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